Penny for the Guy….have you seen him recently

….if so fill in they form on Have you seen him page…or below as I am trying to trace its survival.. Welcome to all readers..welcome,¬†a dying or dead tradition? before Bonfire or Guy Fawke’s Night children could be seen on street corners, outside shops, schools, parks and basically everywhere with a crude effigy crying “Penny For the Guy”….then they appeared to disappear or have they? is it a dying or dead tradition everywhere? This project aims to catalogue sightings and so the¬†intention of this blog is for people to add sightings so that the present survival can be assessed. Is the tradition healthier in the North or the South? What do the Guys look like? How old are the children and so on? That’s why if you see one please make comment below:

I shall post articles and information I find elsewhere on this page.